Coffee break

Kids love sausage time…

A redesign of a traditional TVC mascot for Insurance. Brief – Wiser, Older, a Kung Fu Master. I slanted towards an Amish Peter O’Toole in Lawrence of Arabia

Trying a technique which tracks onset actors facial expressions then pipes back into our existing sheep rig

watercolour of my old friends

a still from our upcoming short film pertaining to pool safety

a quick little character sketch in between some banal work

Bats or Doves ?

'The Nightingale and The Rose'. A couple of print stills from latest film collaboration with Archibald Prize winner Del Kathryn Barton and film maker Brendan Fletcher. As the Animation Director I modelled / rigged / animated all bird scenes . You can view the film preview in my Animation section. It is currently doing the festival circuit 8)

i've been playing with drawing tool Mischief... nice and quick! just how me likes it 8)

character design for TV commercial

i found an old photo i had taken while in Athens which inspired me to do a quick painting with far too many photoshop brushes

a very sad day... ghibli films no more

A Character designed for my Daughters school Read-a-thon, We've named him Mr Bangles.