character design

  • Type cg, vfx, design, character, 3d

a character designed / build / animated for V energy drink campaign

sleepy moth. designed & animated for V commercial

heres a little guy i designed for V energy drinks. i've called him 'sticks'....!
his friend is greatly used as a baseball bat, the theme of the commercial

Larry the bull ant basketballer 3D design / animation / light / render blah

vespa duck. he's zippy. he's quacky. he's got vespa

character designs for an evil V Energy drink character

concept for a dragon
1/2 day turn around

a character board of 'Sticks' the stick insect mothball playing critter

the 3 amigos of the V commercial. designed & co-built & co-animated this gang for the 30s spot

a robot design for V energy drinks

these are sketches for a design of a talking remote
1 of 5 done in a day

2 of 5 done in a day

3 of 5 done in a day

4 of 5 done in a day

5 of 5 done in a day

a bunch of designs based around the sketches
1/2 day turn around

mr maggot head

environment concept for McDonalds ad

Immodium Man. a diarrhea super hero who comes to the rescue in a 30s TV spot

note: this is not my design. i have just translated it into 3D to provide animation