these are quick turn around pieces made for pitching on various projects in the past
each image was created in anything from 30min to 1 day

concept for an asian client
1 of many created in 1 day

visual concept for an asian client,
another of the many, all created in 1 day

this was worked up quickly over only 2 days for a pitch. build to rig to shoot to track to animate !

quick set build for Fanta commercial to visualize the environment to client.
3hr construct. screen grab fly-through

an abstract sequence to portray light & smooth. characteristics of the product. cigarettes!
1/2 day turn around

final pitch frames of cg barrel insitu for tv commercial. 1/2 day build then 1/2 day animation dynamic test
boarded by richard swan

proof of concept. full CG

proof of concept. card based flames tracking into live action

rolling barrel test for pitch
1/2 turn around

concept for Castrol oil
1 day turn around

This was a day turn around pitch for Qantas inflight wine. Using Ncloth for the leaves