somethings more substantial worked up from sketchbook

  • Type sketches, drawing, ink, water colour

water colour of one of my friends

enter ‘the chimp’

a few quick heads while watching a video

Monsieur Betti. Trying a water colour feel. Done with Mischief

a few caricatures of my son

quick sketches of people from linkedin (!!) and some others from ‘the internet’. about 5min on each

a wee bit of head anatomy

quick horse and dog sketch

trying more painting style in Mischief art tool

i’ve been trying out Mischief for some character design

another Mischief quick mock-up

more Mischief quick sketching

warm up sketch before getting back into some character concepts. yipee!

some quick 30s gestural poses + 2min workups using Mischief

i’ve been playing with the Mischief drawing app

colour study of a female leg

a holiday snap from Athens roused me to do a quick painting and overdose on some photoshop brushes

a quick ‘speed paint’ (i think thats what they call it these days!) over a sketch of one of my latest characters. still WIP

a bit more worked up

another paint over sketch. i’ve found some nice fur brushes to play with 8)

more worked up

another paint over of sketch for some new characters im working on. still WIP

the bus stop. ink

the bus stop. highlight

the bus stop. flat. not sure on the feel of this!

mr BABY… nasty character mind you

a very sad day… 4aug14. No more Ghibli Film

work in progress.
picasso doing picasso stuff

a look frame for my short film (moving bits in RND section)

a quick sketch shot on phone then coloured

an update on 'beaver at the beach'

Hey... I'm going to be in a short film. Have a look in RND

dogs in the dust... work in progress

a bit of a collage of our feathery friends

Tokyo girl

i took some paintings and photographed them with the ipad photobooth warping function. heres a result

work in progress... more

i photographed this again with the ipad photobooth warping function. heres a result

a little sketch of my father... he loves sailing

I've been playing with a combination of water colour snapshot into photoshop touch then worked in sketchbook pro on the ipad